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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Border Raiders vs. Crow Nation: Raiders Paradise

Welcome to yet another match up The Fans Bonus Season. This match up will fetter two of History's most dangerous horseback raiders. Hailing from the Anglo-Scottish border, the Border Reivers, or Raiders. Their opponents, hailing from Montana U.S.A, the warriors of the Crow Nation. The two forces collided, club to sword, knife to dagger, shield to shield, to see who is: THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!?!

Introduction to the Warriors:

Crow Nation: 

When French settlers first came to Montana in 1743, they came across a Native American tribe which they called "children of the large-beaked bird", or "Crow People". The culture of the Crow was very similar to that of many other plains Indians: Buffalo Hunters, Tipis, etc. When the Europeans introduced horses, they quickly adapted. Thought the Crow nation rarely fought in large scale wars, they were know for both defending and raiding their lands and other's lands.
Crow warriors were very skilled with horseback based weapons, along with hand to hand combat. Much of their weapons were adapted over time from the Europeans. Their ambush attics and fighting skills were nearly perfected, proving themselves dangerous to even gun armed opponents.


Close Range: War Club

The war club was a very common and widely used practical close range weapon of many Native American Tribes. The Crow Nation was no exception.  The head was made of very thick stone, angle in most cases to cause maximum damage on impact. The war clubs were fairly fast considering their crushing power, and very cheap to make.

Close Range 2: Crow Fighting Knife

The knife was both a practical tool and effective combat weapon. Probably made of Iron, the nearly foot long weapon proved a very deadly offence. The slashing and cutting power, with both the knife's length and speed, could bring death very quickly. Its size made it possible to hold it with almost any other weapon the Crow warrior could have. Most knifes had little to no decorations, but if it could be afford,  designs were normally elaborate.

Mid Range: War Lance

From 5 to 10 feet long, the War lance is a major part of the Crow Nation warrior, ether one horse back, or off. The 9 inch long lance head was made normally of flint, sharpened to pierce flesh very easily.  Oppose to what 'Commache vs. Mongol' showed, the lack of proper riding equipment meant the war lance would have to be realized after just one kill. A rider would charge his opponent, ether from the front or side, thrust the lance, then leave it in his opponent until after the raid. This weapon was designed to finish off Buffaloes. On the ground, the lance was preferably a two handed weapon. It could stab, slash, and block an enemy at a great range.

Long Range: Bow and Arrow

The Crow recurve bow was a very important part to the Crow Nation. Either it be hunting buffalo, deer, or settlers, the bow was very deadly. The Crow was very versatile on and off horseback. However, the men behind the bow weren't the best trained. Still using the pinch draw technique of archery, the arrows were only really effective from 10-20 feet, with sometimes decreased power. The arrows were made from flint and heavy wood to cause great damage.

Crow Nation flint arrowhead. 

Specialized Weapons: Gun stock War Club

After the introduction of Europeans,  many tribes took up the use of firearms. Many didn't. Some fell just in between. Based off a rifle butt, the gun stock club was used by raiders and warriors a like after raids off of European settlers. Originally just a simple club, a knife head was added to the top. A swing from ether side of this weapon would prove to be fatal. 


Head: Nothing- Besides your war band or occasional headdress, the Crows had very little head protection. War paint and camouflage was sometimes use both as a scare tactic and a hiding tactic. Aside from that, the Crow lacks decent head protection.

Torso: Hair pipe Breastplate- The hair pipe was a specialized type of Native American armour. Composed of many Conch shells from New York docks, the Hair pipe breastplate quickly became highly popular with many plains Indians. The hair pipes were tightly connected with strong straps of sinew, and plated on top of a thick leather vest, the breastplate was a high status of wealth. Any with all this, the hair pipe still wasn't a very practical form of armour. The sea shells could easily fall to an arrow or a knife thrust.

Legs: Nothing- The Crow relied much on his speed, on and off the horse.  Certain types of leggings were used by certain tribes, but most Crows wear little to no leg ware what so ever.

Arms: Same as above.

Blocking: Buffalo Hide Shield- The Crow Nation did use almost every part of the buffalo. The Crow Shield was made of a layer of buffalo hide over top a base of wood. The shield was important to the Crow Warrior, as it served both as a personal defence and a spiritual defence. Very light and easily to move, the Crow shield was effective at repelling certain missile weapons like arrows, and just as goo blocking and disarming an opponents arms. The crow can use this shield with his club, knife, and war lance, both on and off his horse.

*Bonus*: Horse- Due to the Crow lacking limb protection, I'll give him a fighting chance. The Crow would use his horse's speed and mobility to out match and out race any potential attack. The Crow could come, attack, and then ride away in under a heartbeat. Also, much of the Crow's equipment would to blend into his environment. Be able to hide for hours in high grass or forest bush for hours on end, undetected, and then lead a surprise attack was crucial to the Crows battle tactics, which leads to...


Training: The Crows were trained to be warriors right from the start. Most boys would start riding horses as young as five. Learning to ride the horse and developing new ways to use the horse took them to adulthood. They were taught how to use the knife for nearly any occasion. The bow and arrow, along with the War lance, were used heavily when it came to hunting. Boys were trained how to survive, how to hide, and to use traps. Men would use these skills as for everyday life and in war time. Being raised up like this turned boys into killing machines. Crows never showed mercy, and they took no prisoners. They were a special ops type team. They were highly dangerous to anyone who came across them.

*Horse*: American Quarter Horse-  In the 17th century, early Spanish colonists brought over the first to North America. Many horses soon found their way across the Great Plains region and to the Native Americans. The Natives, having lived thousands of years independent from the rest of the world, quickly adapted themselves to this new animal. The one breed which the natives, including the Crow Nation, liked the most was the American Quarter Horse. 

Simply called the 'Amercian Horse', this breed of horse is considered one of the finest horses in the world. Quarters are known for their quick sprints, sometimes clocking in at 55 mph. Along with speed, Quarters are also known for their power and force. These factors are what made the Quarters a favourite of Crow raiders. The Crows relied greatly on their horses, being able to charge and flee at quick speeds, and manoeuvring around their horses bodies. The horse also gave them great versatility, being able to use their club, lance, bow, and shield while all on horseback. 

Most Crow rode bareback, with no stirrups or saddles used. This both give them both advantage and disadvantage. The lack of saddle allowed the Crow to move faster and maneuver around the horse easier, but also meant the Crow couldn't fire or and charge without the risk of being taken off.

Martial Skill: Traditional Native American wrestling-  Native Americans' did not have an exact type of martial art. They instead used many different but similar folk wrestling style hand-to-hand combat techniques. An unarmed Crow warrior was trained in such arts.  Technique include various strikes, kicks, blocks, rolls, and throws based around disarming weapons. The modern example of such arts is 'Okichitaw' (see left).

Strategy:  Guerrilla Warfare. Sneak Attacks. Hit and Run. Terrorize- To say the Crow were Guerrilla warriors is an understatement. The Crows exceeded at Guerrilla warfare. Like many other Native American Tribes, a Crow fight is never a fair fight. Crows will attack whenever, wherever, whoever. Most raids were fast, stealthy, and normally when an opponent was least expecting it. If a crow feels the odds are against them, they'll retreat and fight another day. A Crow will sit and wait for a enemy to come by for hours. They'll scream and charge and paint their faces to scare the crap out of anyone. These attics will give the Crow a killer edge in this fight.

Weapons Skills: The Crows were very familiar with their weapons. The knife was used in daily live, from hunting to housework. The Crow were excellent horseback archers, being able to shoot from horseback at great speeds. The knife fighting style was very quick and very deadly. The Crows were also very good at disarming and blocking enemies weapons. Some accounts say that a Crow could steal a knife from someones hands and cut their throat before they even realize it. The capability to use most of his weapons, on and off horseback, with a shield proved very effective in a face to face fight.

The Crow Nation has a lot covering them. Their versatility of weapons, skill, and tactics was able to knock down even gun bearing opponents.  They are very deadly to anyone. Lets see if they're opponents can match up.

Border Reivers:

The Border Reivers, or Raiders, have a special spot and history. During the middle ages, Scotland and England were nearly always at war with each other. This caused a lot of tension on its borders. The Anglo-Scottish border runs nearly 96 miles east to west. From the 13th to around the 16th century, the area was constantly raided by families of both English and Scottish origin (Note: I will use pre-gunpowder Raiders for this match. I guess if I gave the Crow a gun... Nah). 'Reive' in Old English translates into "to rob". The Reivers had various clans and names to them, sometimes turning into a feudal system between families.
The raiders originally stared by stealing cattle and sheep from inter border farms. Soon, when law enforcement and enemy raiders began to grow, many raiders took up arms and armour to continue on their ways. This motivation and weapons set proved the Border Reivers a deadly group by far.


Close Range: Short Axe- This axe of Scottish origin was design as both a tool and a weapon. A standard amongst most men in the region, the axe was easy to buy, transport, and use. For poorer raiders, the axe was sometimes the main weapon of choice. Most middle class to upper class raiders still kept one in their pack or as a side arm. The broad end could chop and hack away at limps and heads, while the fluke was perfect for puncturing armouring and disarming small shields. The strap gave a sturdy grip to its holder on and off horseback.

Close Range 2: Dirk dagger- The common knife of Scottish culture, the dirk was a very effective dagger.  The daggers blade measured almost 12 inches in length, while it's large handle gave a good grip to the almost sword like knife. The dirk was fairly quick and could punter manning types of armour at close quarters. The blade design made it possible to stab and slash very effectively.

Mid Range: Lance- The English War lance a standard weapon for most Reivers. Ranging from 5 to 12 feet, the long and slim pole arm was an excellent horseback weapon. The long, slim lance head was able to puncture almost all armours that it came across, using length and the speed of the horse to thrust against an opponent, mounted or grounded. Thought the lance is very reliable, and could be used against multiple opponents, to insure a definite kill, most riders would have to release their lance after impale an enemy from front to back.

Long Range: English Longbow- The longbow was quite a common weapon amongst Anglo-Scottish warfare. Either from raids, battle field findings, or by their own make or buy, many Reivers came into possession of a longbow.  Almost 6 feet long, the English Longbow was a very powerful weapon, being able to puncture leather, mail, and even steel plates. The average bow could fire to 180 meters, and could fire at average a rate of six arrows a minute. It is still up in debate if the longbow could be used from horseback, which would give the revere a killer edge. I see how it will effect the sim later.

Specialized Weapon: English Basket sword-  The basket hilted sword served great to it's use. The strong steel basket protected the hand of the user, while the rapier like design aloud good distance between the user and an opponent. The straight blade and pointed end fared very well for a horseback user, as well as on foot. The sword showed a sign of wealth and power amongst raiders, and as only the wealthy could truly trained effectively with it, the to have and use a sword was well respected and well feared. 


Head: Burgonet- Highly popular throughout out Europe during the late middle ages, the burgonet was favourite by horsemen. The helmet was cheaper, lighter, and more versatile than most closed helms, while also providing good protection. The round design made the helmet much easier to wear on horseback, and the open face allowed more vision than most helms. The metal fin that runs across the top was no more than decoration.

Torso: Jack of Plates-  the jack of plates is a simple torso protection that was fairly light and usable. The jack had small iron plates interlaced between to folds of thick canvas. The 17 pound vest allow much more movement for the man wearing it than solid plates, along with increasing his speed. The plates could defend against most swords, daggers, and even arrows at a degree. The jack was available to middle to upper class raiders, thought raiders of high power or status would wear solid plates and chain mail.

Arms: The Reivers relied a lot on their mobility. Most wore little to no armour protection at all on their arms. Heavy or thick armour meant lack of movement in the arms. Simple doublet sleeves were the only protection for most men.

Legs: Most Reviers would stay mounted on horse most of the time, but also had to move on the ground. This developed the use of long but light leggings. The legging was a type of chase made from leather that connected to the knee. This allowed decent protection on horseback, by good mobility on foot.

Blocking: Buckler-  The buckler was a small duelling shield, which offered very little distance protection, but very good fighting protection. The round and light shield was clad in leather and had also a hard iron boss. This allow a duelling to both block and attack and opponent. The lightness and speed of the buckler made it perfect for light cavalrymen to use and carry on horseback. The buckler could be used along side the axe, the dirk, the lance, and the sword, on and off horseback.


Training: Training depended on a clans status. The poorest ones would only have minimal training when it came to combat, while richer clans could afford advance trainers and exercises. The basic skills of a raider came from everyday life in the country. Being able to hunt and ride on horseback was common for even young boys, and also survival in the wilderness was a necessary. Training was not seen as a very important element for raiding most raiders thought.

*Horse*: Irish Hobby- The Irish hobby was a favourite by Reivers, as they were light horses that could cross boggy terrain and long hills with great speed and ease. So popular, the English, Irish, and Scottish deployed divisions of light Calvary named after the horses themselves: hobelars. Robert the Bruce himself used his hobby for successful guerrilla warfare during the Scottish Wars of Independence. Hobbies could travel 60 to 70 miles per day,  giving raiders an unstoppable mobility edge.

Something that should be noted is that hobblers rode their horses 'Irish style', with no saddle or stirrups. I am not to sure if the Reivers in my sim will have equipment like this. Anyways, the Hobby has long gone extinct, and is represented here by a Connemara horse. The Irish hobby was definitely one of the greatest light Calvary horse of it's times.

Martial Skill: Folk Wrestling-  Wrestling is one of the worlds oldest martial arts. Nearly every civilization has a form of wrestling. The English and Scottish both developed catch-on-catch, or 'no holds barred' wrestling styles. These are ground based take overs, throws, and submissions without any rules. Many such fights included punches, kicks, eye rakes, throat chokes, and much more. Wrestling was view more as a sport than a combat art, but such fighting would train men both psychically and mentally for combat.

Strategy: Raid swiftly, Fight one to one, In sate Fear-  Raids would be based on the number of men raiding. Large groups would take days to cross country, raid, and return home. Smaller parties would travel at night, raid, then return back to their dwellings in a matter of hours. Raids were well planned and organized. Raiders were always ready to fight, or simply trick their way out of trouble.
Raiders always tried to ovoid fights when possible. Through out their history however, raiders would clash regularly with guards, soldiers, and other clans over their raids. This turned them from simple raiders to guerilla soldiers over time. Raiders were rarely the aggressor, and only fought when spotted or perused.
The Raiders soon became quite feared through out their region. They used that fear to break down their enemies will and successful defeat them before they even drew arms. This made them killer warriors and very successful overtime.

Weapons Skills: Most raiders were expected to know how to use dirk and axe at around eight, and then take up lance, bow, and sword by as young as ten. The basic training of weapons was important on the battlefield, as they were expected to fight using every last arm in their weapons set. A well trained raider could use all his weapons with his buckler, use his lance, sword, axe, and bow on horseback, and improvise using only his dirk and free hand. This made the raiders a force to be reckoned with in an one to one fight.

Final Word: we see two of histories greatest horse based raiders duke it out. Both were able to outwit and out fight many of their opponents, as well as building a society behind themselves. The numbers are punched in, and lets see who is the Deadliest Warrior:


Three weeks. It had been three weeks since they had been to this point.  Robert had been counting the days of their journey since they had lefted their safe tower back in Scotland. The proposed plan was only a week and two days. That was the plan that was changed. Robert didn't care for such a lack of planning by the Youngs, but as they were the ones organizing this raid, he could not openly complain.

He rode on his hobby gradually along the river, behind Walter, his older cousin, and in front of three other men, whom he did not care to learn by name. Always had dirt all over his face, so he called him Dirt. One was missing a few teeth, from what he said was a bar fight not in his favour, so he was called Gap. The third was a fairly short man, who was very well on the bowstring, but would always cursed or yell whenever he missed a target. He was called by both Robert and Walter (behind his back) 'The Little Man'. These three characters were given to them by the Youngs for protection, which displeased the two Hendersons alike.

The Hendersons and the Youngs cared not much for each other. They always took feud to each other for everything, and even in times of partnership, they feuded. It was almost impossible for the two clans to work together, but even so Walter was going to prove to his farther, Robert's uncle, that he could help unite the two clans. This raid would show so.

Not far from this point is where the two parties, the Henderson led group, and the much larger Young led group, would meet before crossing back over the Border. The plan was to meet only two days after the raids on the three farms they planned to raid, but now came to six days after a storm had delayed both parties safe passage over the hills.

The weather was much more clear now after the storm, and the colors of early fall had begone to come in. Soon the party of five would reach the meeting point, where they planned to rest and resupply after the storm. They brought very little supplies as it was, and now all five were starving to death after four straight days of bitter bread, dry and aged. Robert knew the Youngs had raided a grand farm house, full of meats and butters, and he was picking to find the Youngs so he could grab a taste of that food.

The path began to narrow, and now the men rode in single file. The path began to also incline, were at the paths end was a small hill. Pass the hill, Robert remembered, was a small meadow which they would use as a camping ground. He smiled at the though of a good nights sleep for a change. One of the three en who rode behind him, Dirt by the sound of it, began to whistle. Walter cursed this as they came to the end of the path. Robert was hoping to hear the greetings of the Youngs as they marched down the sloping path, but he heard nothing.

As his horse came over the hill, he saw the Young camp, or what was lefted of it. The tents were slashed opened and the fires burnt out. All nine of the Youngs who had made it back from the raids laid dead. There was no life anyone of them. Even their horses had been slaughtered. The meadow was filled with the corpses of the men and their horses.  A massacre, of men and horse.

Walter was the only man who stirred. he dismounted and walked over to one of the bodies. Robert dismounted seconded and followed his cousin over. He knelted down beside him. Walter was expecting the body for wounds, to see if he could find a clue about their attackers.

"Arrow wound." Walter muttered, stretching the skin on the neck where indeed an arrow penetrated, by was not there no more. He roused up and went to another body. This one, which was almost with out clothes, had a large wound on the back of his skull. The blood and brain matter had spilled all over the ground. What ever type of club did this was unknown to Walter, who had studied nearly all types of arms native to Scotland and England.

He went over each man and each horse. They all shared similar wounds, which Walter thought were from similar weapons. he could not match any of the wounds with any weapon he had seen, but he knew even with that knowledge, he could do nothing to save these men. The five men stood silent for a few moments. Walter crossed himself and rose his head.

" We can do no more here." he said in a grim voice. Now the skies were cloudy, and the night soon approaching. " I have found horse tracks leading away from this camp. If they are those of the attackers, we will follow them, and if we find them, we will kill them." Robert stared proudly at his cousin, who was only 24 of age, yet lead his men like a officer of 50. The men mounted and rode east from the campsite. To long would it take to bury the dead.

They rode in quick pursuit. Their horses charged at full sped, not tiring at all. They rode late into the night, until their horses could gallop no longer. They stopped and camped in a small ditch, hidden by bush. They did not want to suffer the same faith as the Youngs had. They slept only until dawn. They led their horses to a small stream, where both the horses and men drank. Soon, they were back on pursuit.

They rode the long path east, still covered by the forest. They rode until noon. By this time this slowed down. Not one of these men had came this far east before. They noticed their path was growing wider, and up ahead in the distance, they saw an opening. They rode to it curiously. As they came to it, they could see their terrain change. No longer the forests of England, or the long hills of Scotland, but plains. Great plains, with wide fields of short hills and long grass.

They rode through these lands, confused with where they were. The tracks that Walter had followed had soon disappeared. The party halted and loitered in the middle of the plains. There they turned horse face to face to talk.

"We have ridden this far, and the tracks are now hidden.",  Dirt said, wiping the sweat off his dirty forehead. "Let us ride back, before we too are taken under attack."

"No, you fool!" The Little Man yelled. " If they have spotted us, they will surely follow us back and kill us in our sleep!"

"I say we stand and fight." Gap proclaimed. "They will surely not be able to take us face to face."

"You idiot. As if you could even take one of them in a duel." The Little Man snapped backed. " Losing a pub brawl against a lame man. Ha. These men won't come to face us. They'll wait until we least expect it. Then they'll come in and cut our necks."

"Enough!" yelled Walter. "We will not turn bitter on each other yet. Now, lets discuss this as men."


Red Crow was growing weary of these white men. He and his four other men had spotted them only a hour ago, but still they were talking to each other while mounted on their horses. Only two days before had he led an attack on a camp of white men, similarly dressed like these ones. Perhaps men of the same party, Red Crow thought, following my tracks from the white men's camp.
Red Crow was well hidden from the view of the white men, placed deep back in the long grass. He kept stroking his chin, puzzled how these men were so foolish enough to argue in the middle of a large field. he looked back at his own men behind them. They sat their, calm and patience, ready for any orders Red Crow would give.
Red Crow looked back to Raiders. Still they yelled to each other. He chuckled at their stupidity. He turned around on his horse and signaled his men.  They became more alert and slowly trotted towards Red Crow.  He pointed to two men, then signaled for them to circle around the enemy. The two men nodded and began their route around. The other two men he held back. He gazed back at the white men and waited.
How could they argue for so long, he thought to himself. The light of the mid afternoon sun was beginning to fade. The coming darkness would give Red Crow and his men proper cover for their attack and flee. He raised a tight face to signal his men to ready their bows. he raised his own bow from the side of his horse. He un-quivered an arrow from his back and strung it. Back he drew his arrow and took aim.  He tried to find the best target of the five men. He placed his mark and, with a grin, fired his arrow.

"Well if we turn back now, by the time we reach the forest edge, it'll be dark as hell." The Little Man kept arguing. Walter and Robert were both going to die if they had to endure this much longer. For the good portion of a hour the five men had agreed, yet they were still nowhere near a decision than they had when they had started auguring. 

"Not if we gallop at full speed. Our horses could carry us that distance in less a hour." Dirt spoke, having pride in his tongue.

"What is your head made of? Wood!?!" , The Little Man snapped back. " Our horses are exhausted as it is. They won't be able to make that distance at top speed. Faster we walk back."

"Listen here: I'm tired of you snapping at me for every last thing I say.", Dirt replied, raising his voice high to Little Man. " You better watch what you say next, or else I'll- I'll-". Dirt stopped talking. All four men looked at him. He still had the look of anger on his face. He slowly nodded down.

"Whats the matter, boy?" Walter asked him worried. Dirt's eyes closed as blood drooled out of his mouth. An arrow was placed right in the back of his neck. All four men looked on in shock. Their limbs shook as they looked around to see any attackers. Robert could barely hold on to his lance. He was just across from Dirt. If the arrow had missed him, it would have surely gotten- WHAMP! Robert peeled back from a blow to his helmet. he sat dazed as he watched an arrow bounce off his helmet.

"It's an ambush!" cried Walter as his horse jumped.

----------------------Border Raiders: 4---------------------------Crow Nation: 5-----------------------------------------

The four Reivers broke off as Dirt fell off his horse. The Little Man  galloped off to where he guessed the arrow that stroke Dirt came from. He muttered loudly as he began to draw his bow. Ahead off him, he heard a great war cry. He stopped his horse and stumbled for an arrow. From the tall grass, about 30 feet ahead of him, he could see the form of two horses charging straight towards him. He strung his arrow and took aim.
The two horses came shooting out of the tall grass. They were much larger horses than Little Man had ever seen before. True, as the horses were nearly four feet taller than his small pony. he could barely make out the riders who sat amount them. Their clothing, hair, and skin seemed to blend into the oculars of both the horses and the tall grass. He could however hear them quite well.
The horsemen were closing in on him, so he shot boldly at the one on the left. His shot was great and powerful, rivalling the speed of lighting. Little time to waste, The Little Man turned around and retreated. He tried to quiver another arrow, but his horse came across a patch of stones, causing him to drop his arrow.
"You stupid horse!" he cursed to his beast. " A bag of stones has more brains then you!". This wasn't the time to argue with beast though.  He shouldered his bow and went to his lance. His horse was still out racing the pressing enemy. Little man quickly circled around as he got good grip on his lance. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw what was the same two men on horse chasing him. Impossible, he thought to himself, my arrow stroke hard. Indeed his arrow hit the Crow, but it hit the Crow in his shield, which he had disposed off early. 
Nether the less, The little Man completed his circle and charged the two men. He had his lance lowered, waiting for the right moment to raise it. He targeted the one on the left, the one who he shot with an arrow but still rode on. The two were only 15 feet from each other. The Little man quickly raised his lance and charged to the side of his target. The lance punctured the chest of the Crow, ripping straight through his back. Little man whence as he let go of the lance and rode on. He kept riding for a few more feet, until he stopped.
The Little Man first got his breath and adjusted his helmet. He then remembered the second Crow. he looked to his side to draw his sword, but remembered he had losted it early at the raiding a week before.
"No!" he yelled out loud. He turned around, looking around his shoulder. It was to late however, as the second crow was upon him with a lance. The flint lance head punctured Little Man's side, stabbing deep into his ribs. He cried out in pain as he fell from his horse to his knees.
Blood came pouring out from his side as he held his wound in pain. He began to cough up blood on the ground. All was silent around him, until he heard hoofs once more. He gazed up, only to see horses legs and a stone club swinging towards his face.

---------------Border Raiders: 3--------------------------------------Crow Nation: 4---------------------------------

His ambush had worked, Red Crow thought to himself as he rose his war lance to his side. The foolish white men had talked themselves to death before he had even fired his bow. He was now charging the three remaining Reivers towards his two men he had place on the other side of the field.  A great cry came from behind him. One of his two other men rose a bloody club above his head as he rode in from behind him. Red Crow grinned at his warriors spirit.
The two Crow finally came upon the Reivers. The three had stopped in the middle of the field as the two other crow rode in from upfront of them. Red Cow halted his men to stop. He grinned has he saw the three white men stand clueless in the wide field. 
"Instead of waiting our time with lances', Red Crow though, "I'll just wipe them to dust with arrows!".

Walter cursed himself. How could he have allowed himself and four other men to be so fooled. Death was upon them, and he knew. To his right two of the Crow stood there with bows, while on his left, two with lances. he looked at his cousin Walter, who was just as worried as he. They both knew that today was their last. All they had to do was wait. Wait for death.
"I have been a coward all my life." Gap said, breaking the dreary silence. Both Robert and Walter looked towards him. " I was never willing to take arms against any one, and I always flew when someone raised arms to me.  If I am to die today, I will die not the coward that I was for most my life, but the brave I was towards the end.".  Gap then, who was without lance, bow, or sword, drew his axe. He wrapped the cord around his hand, and charged the men with lances.
Walter, Robert, the Crow who had destroyed The Little Man's face, and Red Crow all watched on. On of the Crows armed with lances charged towards Gap. Gap took also his buckler from his back, and rose it as an aid. Gap charged right at the Crow armed with the lance. The moment came. The lance thrusted straight into Gaps thigh. He reeled in pain. The Crow stopped besides him and with drew the lance. Gaps axe was no match for the Crows spear.
The Crow again thrusted at Gaps, but into his neck this time. Gap grabbed the lance, to the crows amazement, and chopped it off with his axe. He raised the weapon above his head, and down on the head of the Crow. He lefted the axe where it was. He slowly grabbed the lance head and pulled it out. He could feel death take him as he fell off his horse.

----------------Border Raiders: 2-------------------------------------------Crow Nation: 3---------------------------

All five living men stood in awe.  The honour of Gaps sacrifice came over Walter and Robert. The defeat of one of his best riders came over Red Crow. Walter and Robert stared at each other. They spoke no words, but could feel what the other one was saying.

"Charge!" both Walter and Robert cried. Their horses fired towards the remaining lancer. Both Red Crow and his aid tried to shoot them down with arrows, but their shots were not in range. The remaining Crow lancer sat their nervously. His arms shook as he dropped his lance. Robert came in first with his sword. He slashed at the lancer, who had collected himself and drew his club. He caught the blade and tried to wrestle it out of the Raiders grip. Robert countered by bashing the Crow with his buckler, and then drew back his sword and stabbed the blade into his enemies heart.

-------------Border Raiders: 2-----------------------------------------------Crow Nation: 2--------------------------

Red Crow saw this with great awe. He signaled over to his remaining companion to retreat. This was no longer their fight today. The two Crow quickly gallop away to a small forest line. The Reivers had regrouped. Robert had left his bow and five arrows, his sword, shield, and a small dirk. Walter had only his axe, sword, and dirk. The two turned around and saw the two Crow retreating. Full of spirit, the two men followed.
The Reivers were in hot pursuit of the Crow. The Crow would disappear and appear over the various hills, until they came to the forest. Their, the Crow dismounted and ran into the woods. The Raiders, still a few yards behind, stopped at their horses and dismounted as well. By now it was dusk.
Robert began to run into the woods, filled with anger. Walter stopped him.

"Where are you going?" Walter asked, drawing the young man back and facing him.

"I'll cut their throats with my knife then burn them like dogs!" Robert replied, still pumped up from the pursuit. 

"Did you see how easy they took us back there?" Walter yelled back, grabbing Robert by the arms. "These bastards are tricksters, who hide and wait in shadows until you come by. The forest is perfect for them. If we just run in, they'll kill us before we can even blink.". Robert stared back. He was calm now, no longer thinking of vengeance, but of planning.

"Okay Cousin, I'll wait." Robert replied after a pause. Walter released the young man and took up his arms. He slowly entered the woods, with Robert coming second. The cover was light enough to walk through, but thick enough for a Crow sit and wait. Both looked at every corner. waiting for anything to move, anything to make a sound. They came to a small opening in the woods, were one tall tree stood. The two stopped at this tree and surveyed around. Walter though he heard a twig snap. Not behind him, nor upfront of him. Could it be from above him? suddenly, he heard Robert cried from behind him. 
He turned around and saw a Crow jump from the tree above onto Robert, knife drawn. Fearing his axe or sword may hit his cousin, he grabbed the man from the waist and threw him off of Robert. The man quickly came to his feet and tackle Walter. Walter scramble to stop the large dagger from stabbing his neck, grabbing the Crows hand and holding away. 
Both strained for control, as Walter could see the fire in the crow's eyes. Suddenly, his eyes went dead. The tension of the knife hand fell, and Walter through the man off of him. Robert stood their, sword drawn and bloody. Walter smiled at his cousin. Maybe he had hope yet. Robert turned around only to meet a dagger to his throat. Red Crow was hoping his last man would by him time with his little stunt. He drew back his knife and let Roberts body fall.

--------------Border Raiders: 1---------------------------------------Crow Nation: 1---------------------------------

"No!" Walter cried out loud. His younger cousin, whom he was sworn to protect, was now dead on the forest ground. Only he and Red Crow stood now. Now filled with anger, he charged, armed with axe and shield. Red Crow drew also his knife and shield. Walter attacked with quick swipes from his axe, hacking away Red Crows shield. Red Crow dropped the shield and ducked as Walter swung a chop at his head. The swing went wild and the axe embed into the side of the tree beside them. Walter struggled to retrieve the axe, but red Crow countered with a kick to his guts. He fell back, leaving the axe in the trunk.
Red Crow quickly turned around to grabbed his gun stock club. Walter stood up and drew his sword and buckler. Red Crow swung his club, not knowing his opponent had rearmed himself. The pike end was blocked by the sword, which Walter twisted and slashed against Red Crow's chest. The sword tore away Red Crows bone armour, but his chest was un scarred. 
Walter thrusted at his un armed enemy, but Red Crow quickly spun out and under the longswords blade. He drew his knife and slashed Walters sword arm, followed by a quick stab to his side. Walters armour saved him from the stab, but his arm was cut open, causing him to drop his sword.  Red Crow went to stab Walter in the neck, but Walter blocked, grabbed him by the arm, and threw him to the ground.
Walter went down to try and choke Red Crow out, but was countered when red Crow kicked him in the jaw with both feet. Walter stumbled back and fell on his knees. 
Red Crow stood back up and grabbed his knife. He charged Walter, who was recovering from the kick. Walter, who saw out of the corner of his eye Red Crow coming, swung around and struck out his shield. The buckler connected with the side of Red Crows face. He stumbled back, bloodily eyed. Walter came back up, and drove the shield into Red crows face. Red Crow felt his nose break under the power of the buckler, then fell back, face up. Walter walked over to Red Crow, dirk in hand.  Red Crow barely could the dagger being stabbed in his neck.

------------Border Raiders: 1--------------------------------------Crow Nation: 0------------------------------------

Walter walked back to his horse. He tended to his wounds and mounted his horse. He had accomplished his mission. He had survived a raid to help unify the parties of Henderson and Young. But for what? All his men laid dead, and nothing to bring home. He had only himself to take home, something that he wished he had no longer.

Winner: Border Reivers!

Scoring and Edges:

The system I am using to score weapons are based on effectiveness against armour and fighting capable against the others weapon. High scores like 4/5 doesn't meen the weapons the best weapon, but just much better than the openants weapons and armour.

Close Range #1: War Club: 3/5
                         : Axe: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! The war club is a very good, simple weapon. However, I can't see the club do great damage on the Reivers helmet. The axe has good versatility, and will do more damage with lest effort, plus the Crow lacks the proper armour.

Close Range #2: Fighting Knife: 3/5
                         : Dirk: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! The Crow knife is more crudely made, and won't do great damage to the iron plates. The dirk is longer and can will get pass the Crows bone armour easily.

Mid Range : Crow Lance: 4/5
                   : English Lance: 4/5

Edge: Nether! The Crow lance has more versatility on and off horse, and it could get through armour. The English lance is longer, and armours not a problem, but it is slow, and the fast Crow could get around it.

Long Range :Recurve Bow: 3/5
                     : Longbow: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! Even thought the recurve is better on horseback, the flint arrowheads may not get pass the raiders armour. The longbow has the power to take down the Crow in one shot.

Special Weapon: Rifle Club : 4/5
                          : Basket Sword : 4/5

Edge: Nether! The club has great versatility and defence purposes. The basket sword is long and very quick. Nether could do great damage to each other with these weapons in hand. 

Total Weapons: Crow: 17
                        : Reiver: 20

Armour Head: Head Dress: 0/5
                      : Burgonet: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! No contest here folks.

Armour Torso: Bone Vest: 1/5
                       : Jack of Plates: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! The bones could stop a sword slash or axe swing, but the plates will stop or slow down most of the crows weapons.

Armour Horse vs. Limbs: Horse: 4/5
                                        : Leather Boots: 2/5

Edge: Horse! The mobility of the horse will do a much better job then a pair of boots.

Armour Blocking: Hide shield: 3/5
                            : Buckler: 4/5

Edge: Scotland! The hide shield can deflect arrows and block away small arms, but it won't be able to hold up against small of the heavier weapons the raiders have. The buckler, though not the best at pearsonal defence, is perfect for close range fight, plus the iron boss makes the shield a secondary weapon.

Total Armour: Crow: 8
                      : Reiver: 14

Training: Crow: 4/5
              : Reiver: 3/5

Edge: Crow! The wildness living and daily surveil gives the Crow some killer instincts.

Horse: Crow: 4/5
           Revier: 4/5

Edge: Nether! The speed and power of the Quarter vs. the endurance and swiftness of the Hobby goes right down the middle.

Martial Skill: Crow: 4/5
                    : Reiver: 3/5

Edge: Crow! Native American wrestling teaches more about controlling weapons than catch on catch wrestling in the U.K.

Strategy: Crow: 5/5
              : Reiver: 4/5

Edge: Crow! Both have similar tactics, but the Crow get more hand to hand in their battles, and don't try and talk their way out of most fights. The guerrilla tactics they deploy are killer. 

Weapons Skill: Crow: 4/5
                       : Reivers: 4/5

Edge: Nether! Both warriors are well trained with their weapons, developing various techniques to use them.

Total Tactics: Crow: 21
                     : Reivers: 18

Add Ups:

                                          Border Reivers                                Crow Nation

Weapons:                              20                                                      17

Armour:                                14                                                       8

Tatics:                                   18                                                       21

Total:                                    52/75                                                  46/75

Close Range 1:         Axe :95                                               Club:50 
Close Range 2:         Dirk :95                                              Knife:50   
Mid Range:               Lance :125                                         Lance:110
Long Range:             Longbow :125                                   Recurve Bow: 110
Special:                     Sword: 120                                        Gun stock: 90
Bonus:                      Buckler: 10                                        Trampling: 20

The Crow had this fight down tactically, but they lack armour and armour piercing weapons. The Reivers were well armed and protected against most of what the Crows brought to play. A very good showing from both sides. i hope you all enjoyed this match up. If you have any comments about this match up, comment, as I may be hosting a 'live' Aftermath someday soon. Until then...